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Echo Dot Wifi Setup

How to Configure Echo Dot Wi-Fi set up

In order to get started with your Echo Dot, your Echo Dot Wi-Fi set up needs to be done.


To start with



  • Plug in your Amazon Echo Dot device into a power outlet and power adapter charger
  • Download the Alexa App and sign in using your Amazon credentials


  1. 1. Open the Alexa app, go to navigation panel on the left and go to settings
  2. 2. Select your specific device and then choose the option to update your Wi-Fi connection. If this is your first time connecting your Echo Dot to Wi-Fi, choose set up a new device
  3. 3. Switch on your device by pressing the action button. Wait until the blue light turns orange to get started. You can connect your mobile device to your Echo Dot device. The list of available Wi-Fi networks will then appear on your screen to choose from.

Note: The first time of Echo Dot Wi-Fi set up has to be done manually. Connecting to the same device after the set up process happens automatically.


  1. 4. Pick your personal Wi-Fi network and type in the Wi-fi password. If you are unable to find your Wi-Fi network, scroll down the screen and choose to add a new network or rescan the page to find your network.
    • MAC address: If you wish to add your Alexa device to your personal router’s list of approved devices, scroll down he screen and look for your MAC address and connect.
    • Optional step: You can also save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon account. This way you need not punch in the password every time you log in. It gets automatically connected if you choose the “save password” option.
    • Optional step: You can also connect your Echo Dot to a public network. Enter the required information asked in order to connect to a public network such as a hotel or school. The network provider usually shares a pre-shared password with you such as room number or just asks you to accept the terms and conditions in order to use the network. This, however, cannot be saved to your Amazon account, the information is the rightful property of the network owner only.
  3. 5. Choose to “Connect”. Once you have completed the Echo Dot Wi-Fi set up, you will receive a confirmation message on your screen.

6. Your set up process is now complete and you can now use Alexa with Echo Dot


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